What Others Have Said About Clarence Glover

You have written some of the most insightful commentaries I have read about the ancestry of we black people, as well as the evolution of the present.   There is such a lack of this range of perspective that it is critical that more of such writings and other exposures be made available both among blacks as well as whites."

-The late Alex Haley
Author of "Roots"


"Rev. Glover has studied extensively the life and works of my dearest friend.  I would probably include him among the top ten writers and speakers today who can pass on the dream which Dr. King so willingly lived and died for."

-The late Rev. Ralph David Abernathy
(Personal Friend and Aid to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)


"Rev. Glover is an exceptional scholar with a wide range of knowledge on African and African-American life and culture.   He approaches his field with a keen critical awareness and with a discriminating intelligence that I have seldom seen in any of my colleagues."

-Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
Author of "They Came Before Columbus, The African Presence in Ancient America"


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