Seminars by Clarence Glover Jr.

An exploration of the history, values, customs and contributions of African and African-American people. 3 hours minimum.

 Seminar that explores the growing reality of our need to adjust to living in an intercultural society; special emphasis is placed on the challenges college/university students of all cultures will face today and tomorrow.

An extensive exploration of the history and impact racism has had on the world and American society.   Care is given to present a balance perspective of the cause and effects of racism; with recommendations for the eventual elimination of racism from society.   The Glover Three R's" (Reconstruction, Re-evaluation & Redirection) model is used.   3 hours minimum. 

This seminar explores the evolution of cultural diversity in American Society with particular emphasis on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s philosophies of non-violence, love, civil disobedience, and the beloved community.   3 hours minimum.

For Juneteenth

Da Night Befo' Freedom, An Emancipation - Juneteenth Tale

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"Da Night Befo' Freedom - An Emancipation-Juneteenth Tale"

by Rev. Clarence Glover, Jr.